Thursday, 6 February 2014

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Hi ya peeps! Except for the Kuala Lipis macaron tower drama, I had an awesome most demanding week, last week. There were lots to be done, but thank god for the support that I got form my ad hoc team members!

...first there was the wedding fondant cupcakes' team, Zulaikha and Nadia dropped by my studio to assist with topping the cupcakes and covering them with fondant. Zulaikha also helped made the sugar blossoms...

...then, at the very eleventh hour, we pulled our sleeves together, I mean Fadli, Farhanah, Yan, Afiq with my guidance assembled and put together a macaron tower...Yup the controversial tower that was not a confirmed order the day before I had to pull my resources to get it done.....and then, I almost flew, but for the snail traffic from Gombak toll all the way to Raub...and sped to Kuala Lipis.....only to arrive at 3 pm and was not greeted, let alone thanked by the bride. Delivery was never in the agenda as I had to assemble the ruffled wedding cake above, which all was settled at around 11.30 am. 

...anyway, as much as I told myself I had forgotten and forgiven the Lipis incident, I was disturbed by the whole thing, I lost my baking mojo.......lately, there has also been a series of orders confirmed with no deposit collected by me, and I was stood up. This customers did not turn up to collect their orders.

...hence, as much as I hated the idea of collecting monies upfront, think I have been forced to resort to this...and yes, I noticed that those customers who placed some deposit actually confirmed their orders before the delivery day...hmmmm..

Anyway, as I happily entertained my down feelings, I was shaken out of this when I learnt that one of my customers who recently got married had lumps all over her breasts, a swollen thyroid gland and her blood with traces of copper! With all this uncertainties for her, I can only count my blessings, right....

I'm still trying to pull myself together, but I realise that the daily orders are meant to meet my daily expenses, any forms of savings would be from projects such as classes, corporate orders or the likes...hence, life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans.....

Hence, pull up your socks, moan if you have to , but not for long, my friends....enjoy this video...


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hello February!

Hiya peeps! They say that time flies when you are having fun....I guess that is what I am going through felt like yesterday that we hopped into 2014, and now we are in the last week of January already! What scares me is that I haven't written my goals properly for this year, erk! So...I might just drift into an auto doing mode....

...there are many things that I wanted to achieve, one of them is to add value to people's I do that is by having regular baking classes, now.....and what do you know?! I see many have took off with a very rewarding part time cake business and for those who bake full time, their business have increased! I am very happy for them! On my part I really have to come out with new recipes.

January has been a very busy month for us.....Ibraheem is now in secondary school, Yusof sat for his O Levels exams, Khadijah is in her last A levels semester, Hajar in standard one, Muhammad has enrolled playschool and Umar will be sitting for his primary 6 exams soon!

....and my caking business has never been busier! Syukur! Even though think I need to do some adjustments here and there to cope with the orders.....I also realise that I have been doing more cakes for weddings lately! I won't complain as it sheer joy to be part of their special day even though in a very small, small way indeed! I am happy to announce that we are booked till March!

...alright i have to pen off, I have to rise early and tomorrow and the rest of the week would be a long busy one as I have a few projects in bring joy to others on their special day! Good night!

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